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Julie is a teenage girl that who was involved in an accident. She and some friends were driving after smoking and drinking when they hit a boy on his bicycle that night and ended up killing him.

Many people feel that Julie is innocent because she was forced into the pact. However she is her own person and nobody can make or force her into anything she does not want to be part of.

Another reason people feel Julie is innocent is because she wasn't directly involved because she was not the one who was driving. On the other hand she is an accessory and is guilty by association and she never went back when she should have.

People also believe that she has already suffered enough and she didn't know about all the pain that she caused in the family and that that is enough of a punishment but she has to do the time for the crime.

Julie should go to jail. Maybe not for the reasons but mainly one thing. She was responsible for a childs death that could have easily been avoided, by being in the car as an accessory but she fled the scene making it a hit and run as well as involuntary manslaughter. Also if she had gone to the police in the beginning they could have gotten in trouble yes but not as much and would have avoided the whole stalking incident.

If she should not go to jail for these reasons then she should because she was high and/or drunk and one of the four would get possession. Barry would get a DUI but the rest of them should get underage drinking and under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

The last reason she should go to jail is because of all the pain she caused the family that the boy belonged to. The mother checked herself into an institution because she thought it was her fault but it really wasn't.

Julie James is a teenage girl who is involved in an accident in which a young boy on his bicycle at night gets killed.

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