Key Vocabulary in "Great Expectations."

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Explicit- Absolutely clear or precise

Lair- Den

Ravenous- Very Hungry

Imparted- Give from or as if from a store

Divine- Relating to or Being God or a god, Supremely good

Disconsolately- Hopelessly sad

Larceny- Theft

Consternation- Amazed dismay

Garret- Attic

Rimy- Frost like ice formed on exposed objects

Imprecation- Curse

Vicariously- Experienced imaginatively or sympathetically

Commiserate- Sympathize

Abhorrence- Hate

Omnipotent- Almighty

Imperious- Arrogant or domineering

Asunder- Into separate pieces

Groveling- Abase (lower in dignity) oneself

Parley- Conference about a dispute

Epistle- Letter

Erudition- Great learning

Conciliatory- Gain the goodwill of

Ablutions- Washing of ones body

Wholly- Totally

Seclusion- Shut off alone

Crevice- Narrow fissure

Morsel- Small piece or quantity

Sullen- Gloomily silent

Obstinate- Stubborn

Insolently- Contemptuously(Felling or expressing content) rude

Aversion- Feeling dislike

Contemptuously- Felling or expressing content

Ignominiously- Dishonorable

Testy- Easily annoyed

Felicitous- Aptly (Suitably) expressed

Synopsis- Condensed statement or outline, Summary

Commend- Entrust, Recommend

Bereave- Deprive of something

Proprieties- Standard of acceptability in social conduct

Discernible- Discover with the eyes or with the mind

Condescend- Lower oneself, Act Haughtily

Dexterous- Skillful with the hands

Rebuff- Refuse rudely

Allude- Refer indirectly

Remonstrate- Speak in protest

Diabolical- Devilish

Coherent- Able to stick together

Gravity- Serious importance

Sagacious- Shrewd

Ulterior- Not revealed

Swarthy- Dark in complexion

Hermitage- Dwelling of a hermit (One who lives in solitude)

Morose- Sullen (Gloomily silent)

Retort- Say in reply

Unscrupulous- Being or acting in total disregard of conscience, ethical principles or rights of others

Malignant- Harmful

Surmise- Guess

Corroborate- Support with evidence

Altercation- Dispute

Exultant- Rejoice in triumph

Countenance- Face or facial expression

Imperceptibly- Not perceptible

Placable- Appease

Clemency- Merciful

Audacious- Extremely bold

Gloat- Think of something with pride

Dilapidated- Cause to fall into a state of partial ruin

Magnanimous- Noble or generous

Acquiesce- Consent

Wreak- Inflict

Courtier- Person in attendance of royal court...

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