Keeping The Dead Alive

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Keeping the Dead Alive The Holocaust was one of the most tragic events to happen in modern time. Millions of people fell victim to anti-Semitism at the hands of the Nazi regime. Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor, stated that "We could not save those who died, but we can save them from dying again." By educating the entire world on the actual facts and events of the Holocaust, record and broadcast the stories of Holocaust survivors, but at the same time, keeping alive the other events that took place during the same time as the Holocaust, the world will never forget the Holocaust.

By spreading the actual facts and events that happened to every civilized nation in the world, one can be sure the Holocaust shall never be forgotten. A very good start was the Holocaust memorial in Washington D.C.. American will most likely never forget the events of the Holocaust, our country lost many men in the battle to stop the atrocities that were taking place.

America lived up to its name as peace keeper of the world. American schools are packed full of literature and other information on events from the Holocaust, but other countries are not so fortunate. Books should be sent to countries that had no lasting effect from the Holocaust. Countries such as Brazil or Zimbabwe, which really played no role in the events of WWII and the Holocaust, may eventually forget all about it, and go about lives their own way. Although the Holocaust will never be entirely forgotten, it is good to teach everyone about this era, and the events that triggered the Holocaust. By doing this, modern man can be sure that a second Holocaust will never happen.

Even though millions of people lost their lives in concentration camps or other Nazi...

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