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Kafka's Metamorphosis A person has certain characteristics such as beliefs, feelings, thoughts, self- awarness,memory, and communication. What made Gregor "Gregor?" What made him different from other people? Just about everyone has a different opinion on this topic. Is Gregor as the bug the same person that he was before the transformation? This paper will discuss several different opinions and explain why I feel he is the same person.

This is a heavily debated topic and there is really no way to tell if it is a right or wrong answer to the question. It is literally every individual persons opinion. Some different opinions include Bernard William's feelings. He stated that our bodies are necessary for personal identity. If a body is necessary for personal identity, then you will not exist when your body dies. With this idea, you should conclude that Gregor before and after the transformation are two totally different people.

They are simply similar because the old Gregor left when he was transformed into this new being. The new Gregor took his place. Some people say, from the dualist point of view, that they will be wherever their mind and soul is. There is also a belief that if a persons mind is gone, for example, a person in a vegetative state with severe brain damage, that person is still the same. Others may feel that they are actually already gone. If that person somehow comes back and is physically fine, but has a totally different personality it is a different person.

Hall-2 A body is not necessary for personal identity. Some may say they are the same.

Another opinion is the belief in psychological essence that says if it is possible for a person's essence to exist disembodied, then it is possible for...

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