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Justification Levees Firstly I decided to use levees as they blend in with the surroundings, they are very aesthetic. Levees don't cause much disruption to natural habitats and they look natural. Levees enable the river to hold a bigger capacity of water. This will reduce the risk of flooding. Levees are also reasonably priced in comparison to other strategies.

Flood Fields Flood fields are needed on the other sides of levees as if the water spills over the top of levees there is an area, which can store the water until water levels drop. Also flood fields are needed south of the city as once the water comes out of the flood walls there will be a mass amount of water and this can then flood into the fields and drain naturally. Why I chose flood fields is they fit in well with the environment and they aren't bad to look at either.

Also the field can be used as recreation land when the field is not flooded.

Flood walls I chose floodwalls in the city centre, as this is the most important area to protect. Flood walls fit into the urban surrounding well. Although floodwalls are expensive there isn't a big area to be covered. Floodwalls may disturb habits but these animals can be moved to a safer environment out side of the city.

Storage I planned to have a storage area north and further upstream as when the water level is high water can be stored here this will decrease the level of water travelling through the city and in effect reduce the risk of flooding. Storage area creates new habitats for animals and can be used for recreational water sports. Storage has a good visual impact.

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