Journey of the Sperm

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The story begins down town in the US air force core Starting Division - (The Production House Testes)...

"Right!!! You no good, piss weak little runts. My name is drill sergeant (nurse cell) Willy. When I ask you some thing you answer back with either yes drill sergeant or no drill sergeant. Is that understood?"

"Yes drill sergeant!"

"We've got some rules around here that MUST be followed. If they are not, than death is imminent. One, no soldier (sperm) is allowed to wander the corridors (communication channel) on their own. Another drill sergeant, such as myself, must accompany you and there mustn't exceed over 150 soldiers in the one group. Two, all soldiers must remain in the Starting Division being constantly heated at 35°C until we, drill sergeants decide who is ready to move on into the Combat Division and who is to remain behind. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes drill sergeant!"

"We get 1000 soldiers every second down here and I know it might get a little cramped so you guys better go well so you will get moved on

"You know that once you've made it to the Combat Division you'll be on your own from there...

got that?"

"Yes drill sergeant!"

A few days later... In the Combat Division (The Storehouse Epididymis)

"Isn't this great? We're swimming, Nobby."

"It sure is, Bobby, it sure is."

"I think I'm getting more mature with each day I spend here."

"Hey, I think your right. Well we have already been here 3 weeks."

"We need to get called on for the mission pretty soon because if we spend another 2-3 weeks in here that we'll get reabsorbed into the body and that would be pretty embarrassing."

"How many of us will have to be sent out behind enemy...

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