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Subject: Scott Mackay's favorite band; Radiohead Audience: Any high school students somewhat interested in music and/or Scott Mackay Format: A question based feature on Scott's favorite band Purpose: To entertain /inform Title: Radiohead: An interview with Scott Mackay Radiohead: An Interview with Scott Mackay by Jordan Palmer Scott Mackay is a Radiohead fan. Actually, Scott is a Radiohead freak, Some might even call him a stalker. He knows too much about them, owns every demo tape and b-side and goes spastic at the mere mention of their name.

When Scott heard that Radiohead was going to perform on Saturday Night Live he freaked out with nervous energy and he almost lost his mind. Luckily he didn't and is able to be here today to talk about his favorite band, Radiohead.

Are you going to watch SNL tomorrow night? Duh Have you seen the guys from Radiohead lately? No.

I think they're done with the tour. I imagine they're probably back in oxford now.

What are they doing right now? I imagine Thom Yorke is probably talking on the computer. That's what he does, when it comes down to it I think they're kinda nerds.

So why do you love them so much? It's all about the music man.

You don't care if the guy making the music is a nerd? No. It doesn't matter to me. I mean, I love Oasis, and look at those wankers.

So when did this fascination with Radiohead start? I was in 7th grade when that song "Creep" came out. It was repeat mode on much music, I remember Thom Yorke looking all weird and blonde haired and freaky and the eye problem and the whole thing. It was just different than anything else out there. I'm weird with music man, I swear. It's almost a ritual dude.

What are some little known Radiohead facts? I don't know, not little known. Thom's dad was a chemical engineer, his mom was a teacher and he's had four eye surgeries and he's like, four-and-a-half feet tall. Oh yeah, he was in a movie onetime called Meeting People Is Easy, and they were talking about all the celebrities coming to their party and this guy was like "did you ever meet any of these celebrities before?" and Thom was like "Oh yeah, I had a great conversation with Calvin Klein about underwear!" and the dude was like "You did?" and Thom's like "No I didn't" Thanks for that Scott.

No problem Jordan.

Subject: Drinking and Driving Audience: High school students in general Format: An editorial Purpose: To persuade Title: A Deadly Combination A Deadly Combination by Jordan Palmer St. Patty's day, a popular day of celebration among students, is quickly approaching. With the festivities comes a problem: Once blitzed, how to get home.

Everyone has heard about the dangers of mixing alcohol with operating a motor vehicle. They should know drunk driving is against the law and has the possibility of endangering the lives of others, as well as the individual. The problem I have encountered throughout my high school experience is that only some people know when they are drunk, and most aren't sure if they are impaired. Countless times I have witnessed people drink three or four drinks and act confident that they can drive home, knowing that they are probably legally drunk. Others will have much more than a few and think they can still drive.

Last week on Paris St. I saw a man stagger across the road, swearing he could drive. His friend, who acted worse off than him, told him that if he could get the key in the lock and turn it correctly, then he would let him drive. Otherwise, they would walk. Luckily one of the officers waiting for the bars to let out, witnessed the situation and pre-vented it. This is scary. Since these people obviously cannot decide to be responsible and bring a designated driver, who should the interpreter be in deciding if hey should drive? A friend, relative, bartender, who? Consider the problems it could bring about and how you would feel if you killed someone because you thought you were sober enough to get the key in the lock. Look at the options. All you have to lose is your life and you do not get a new one. Think about it. If you have to drink and drive, skip the booze and drink lots of milk instead.

Subject: The Terrorist Audience: General public interested in renting videos Format: A movie review.

Purpose: To inform Title: War in East India War in East India The Terrorist, by writer/director Santosh Sivan takes place in a war torn India. The main Character, Malli, played by Ayesha Dharkar, is selected from a terrorist training camp for woman to carry out a suicide assassination which will bring an end to the war. This film focuses on malli's struggle t  

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