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6) In lines 59-80 Polonious gives some fatherly advice to Laertes before his departure to France. Instead of giving him some actual advice from the heart, Polonious just spits out a bunch of clichés for Laertes to remember. "To thine own self be true" and "Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy" are some very typical bits of advice that Polonious gives him. This meeting is a very stereotypical conversation between father and son. It shows how Laertes has a very normal life and relationship with his father, as opposed to Hamlet's life. From his speech you get the idea that Polonious loves his son but he can't express it.

4) In line 113 Ophelia says "I do not know, my lord, what should I think." In response to Polonious questioning her about her relationship with Hamlet, Ophelia responds with an uncertain reply. Her response to his question shows that she doesn't feel as strongly for Hamlet as he feels about her.

I think she might have asked for her father's advice because she knew he would disapprove and would use that as her reason to no longer see speak with Hamlet.

3) Laertes & Polonious- What has Hamlet done to give you reason to believe his feelings for your sister aren't genuine? Hamlet- Do Laertes and Polonious have reason to believe you aren't trustworthy?


4) When Hamlet says "Unhand me gentlemen. By heaven I'll make a ghost of him that lets me!" on lines 94-95 it shows that he is determined to hear from his father's ghost even if it may harm him. He is willing to follow the ghost no matter what it takes, including killing Horatio and Marcellus. I think Hamlet has suspicions about Claudius in the first place and he needs to have...

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