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This weekend was a long weekend. I did so much traveling, to so many different places. I basically took a 24 hour road trip all around the east coast. I went From UNC to Georgia Tech. I even went to Charleston College.

The road trip involved everyone in my pledge class and it lasted for 28 hours straight. All I can say was that it was funny. When you are around the same people for a certain period of time, funny things can happen. I bet everyone got on everyone's nerves at least once the whole trip. I know a lot of people were getting on my nerves, but I just deal with it. In the end everything worked out for the best, so that's all that matters.

Well I think its time that I get caught up on some sleep, because I really need it. I don't know how many journals this makes, but hopefully you can write me back and let me know.

Im hanging in their trying to get it all done, but I've just been real busy these last couple of weeks. I'll talk to you later, and I hope everything is going well.

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