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THE JEWS On Monday the __ of October the Year __ participated in a trip to a Jewish synagogue. Many key aspects of Judaism were learnt - such as: The laws that the Jews follow are based on the 10 commandments They follow only the Old Testament, do not follow Jesus' teachings, and believe that the Bible consists of five books:- - Genesis - Exodus - Leviticus - Numbers and - Deuteronomy On the right-hand doorpost of every Jewish person's doorway is a scroll - which is nailed there, and is commanded of the Jews in the Korah (or the Bible).

A Jew must follow the 10 commandments carefully, and everyone is accountable for their own actions.

The Torah is handwritten and takes around two years to write. Not a single mistake is permitted.

When taking out the Torah you are not allowed to sit down - you must stand.

The laws of Korah can be suspended in an emergency.

A rabbi is respected for his knowledge and ability to read scriptures.

In Jewish society, women are highly esteemed and respected and, in fact, run the home. The husband is the man of the house who works to provide food, clothing and shelter while the woman runs the home.

Some teachings of the Jews: - "Wise women are a treasure. A foolish woman dismantles her house brick by brick." - "Don't offer someone a loan if you don't intend giving it or if it is of no use anymore." - "Don't visit someone when they are sick - only when they are at their best." - Do not slander - your accusations may not be justified." In a Jewish synagogue - males and females are separated by a partition down the middle. This is symbolic, so that males are not distracted by the beauty of the females when praying to the Almighty. Prayer should be focused on the Almighty.

There is no separation of males and females at social functions.

A Jewish person is not allowed to sit down and enjoy a meal unless the animals are taken care of first.

Drunkenness and family violence is unheard of.

Divorce is allowed on special circumstances and the wife MUST be taken care of.

If someone commits suicide, it means the person was not in control of his/her mind and was foolish, and Jews will treat it as such. However if someone dies from something like a drug overdose then the person did not know what he/she was doing - and so they are given a proper burial service.

Abortion is prohibited unless they woman is in danger of dying, and it is kept quiet.

Personal hygiene is important. Jews must wash their hands as soon as they get up in the morning.

Jews are not permitted to touch or consume blood.

Vegetables, fish, beer and wine is permitted (the fish must have scales and a backbone). Crustaceans are not permitted, and birds of prey are not permitted. Pig and swine are forbidden, and meat and milk are not allowed to be mixed.

There is no such thing as hell.

Adaptations:- Jewish people do not perform sacrifices anymore since the destruction of the temple and instead have to make a donation to charity.

Since Jews do not have a temple in Australia they have had to adapt the synagogues to accommodate for this. Instead of having three rooms for the outer court, Holy Place and the Holy of Holies, they have the congregation sitting in the "outer court", the stage is the Holy Place - and can have curtains drawn around it, and on the stage there are curtains drawn across for the Holy of Holies - which is where the 10 commandments are stored.

God of Judaism The Jews believe in the same God that Christians believe in - only they believe in just one God, not Jesus or the Holy Spirit. They have many names for him, such as Jehovah and the Almighty. They treat the word "God" as a holy and sacred word - and use it only in prayers.

Basis of Law The Korah, which consists of the first five books of the Bible - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

Scriptures Used Mainly the 10 Commandments, received from God by Moses How Atonement is Achieved Usually by animal sacrifices, however since the temple was destroyed, Jews instead donate to charity How Judaism Views Jesus A good man, maybe even a prophet, with some wise teachings - however Jews do not follow Jesus' teachings because they do not believe him to be the Messiah, or the Son of God.

Jews believe that Jesus was just a man.

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