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Live for Jesus Christ Ever wonder why people are living holy? Why do few churches shout unto Him? Who is Jesus Christ? Where is Heaven? Living Holy can have a major effect on a person's soul if they are helping others, hoping for the best, and staying focus on the prize.

Jesus Christ helps us tremendously. He gives us strength everyday, He gives us food, clothing, shelter, the Bible and much, much more. How do I help others? For starters a person can pray for them, being there for them, and looking out for them. Jesus does all of them. He is just glad to be where he is now, Heaven. That should be everybody's goal. What goal? Heaven is the goal and Jesus is "crazy" enough to die on the cross for our sins. Lets be "crazy" enough to live holy and the world be wonder what are they doing? Answer in simple, living for Christ.

Jesus Christ feels good about what he has done and He is still on a full tank of gas. He has lifted us up and put our feet on solid ground. Thank you Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ has patience with us. Old Testament saying if a person sins, then they will be stoned to death. Jesus came and the New Testament rose up. Patience is the name of the game, but soon the game will be over and the earth will be destroyed by fire. Jesus loves us a lot and he wants us to be ready when the ballgame is over. If a person fumbles the ball with two seconds left in the game hope for the best. The other team may fumble, so do not give up hope. Jesus never given up and He said, "He'll there...

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