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Other Classifieds Monday, November 12, 2001 | Updated 11:07 p.m. EST A New York firefighter examines the engine of an American Airlines plane that crashed in Queens. (WNYW-TV via AP) "¢ Photo Gallery: Plane Crash Aftermath Terrorism Called Unlikely In New York Plane Crash With unusual speed, investigators say indications are the crash, which killed at least 266 people, was an accident.

"¢ Evidence Points to Engine Failure "¢ Flight a Shuttle for N.Y. Dominicans "¢ Dominican Families Gather to Grieve Authorities Take Quick Action Early fears of a new terror attack led to a rapid closing of transit services.

"¢ Some Jittery Travelers Change Plans "¢ Air-Security Debate Intensifies More Grief for N.Y.

Neighbors Tragedy revisits the Queens area that many who died Sept. 11 called home.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rebels Close In on Kabul After Swift Gains in North Taliban fighters appear to have staged a broad retreat from the capital city.

"¢ Alliance Captures Pivotal City of Herat "¢ Town's Residents Celebrate Freedom "¢ Ethnic Pashtun Allegiances Divided How Can U.S. Reach Victory? Analysis: Winning in the south will be much more difficult for U.S. military.

"¢ Scramble On for Interim Government Bush, Putin to Open Summit Terrorism and missile defense top the agenda for the talks to open Tuesday.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Advertisers: Retail Sales Center | Vacation Planner | Health Directory -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE HEADLINES "¢ Howard Mailroom Has Anthrax Trace "¢ U.S. Capitol Officer Probed in Hoax "¢ Poll: Most Gays Feel More Accepted "¢ Flight Diverted to Dulles After Arrest "¢ AOL Time Warner, Sony Form Alliance "¢ Jordan's Foes Adjusting Defenses "¢ Caps' Jagr Says He's Ready to Return "¢ Register to Customize News Headlines "¢ Register to Customize Sports News -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trade Talks Called Promising The 140 nations' ministers near a deal to ease drug patents for poor lands.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stores Anxious for Holidays Nervously optimistic retailers hope to build on last year's anemic season.

Fla. Black Vote Affected Most Many 2000 ballots were found to have either overvotes or none at all.

Election Reform Still Elusive One year later, only a few states have enacted overhauls of their systems.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Markets Nov 12, 2001; Market Close Index Last Change Dow 9554.37 -53.63 Nasdaq 1840.13 11.65 S&P 500 1118.33 -1.98 Quick Quotes Separate symbols with a space.

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