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James Thurber was born in 1894 in Columbus, Ohio. His father was Charles Leander, a politician and his mother was Mary Thurber. James became partially blind from a young accident where his brother William shot and arrow at him. Since this accident occurred James did not go to World War 1, but instead he enrolled and studied at Ohio State University. In the 1920's he worked as a journalist for several newspapers including the Chicago Tribune. Then in 1926 Thurber came to New York and worked for the New York Post. Then in 1929 Thurber wrote his first book titled Is Sex Necessary? Then in the 1950's Thurber started publishing modern fairy tales for young children. These books gained huge success for James. Thurber was married twice, and only had one daughter.

He mostly lived with his wife Helen Wismer at West Cornwall, Connecticut. The degrees that James had obtained were ones such as a literature degree in 1950 from Kenyon College, one from Yale in 1953, and an L.H.D

(honorary) from Williams College in 1951. Then for a while James was very sick but his nursing wife made it possible for him to maintain his literary production until he died.

James Thurber died of pneumonia on November 2, 1961, in New York City.

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