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In the begining J. K. Rowling, a former paycheck-to-paycheck teacher, is now a dominant writer of children's fantasy novels. Rowling has had an extremely hard life. She started the global phenomenon of Harry Potter . Harry Potter is a seven book long series about a young wizard learning magic at a school called "Hogwarts." (J. K. Rowling Biography, Internet source) Harry Potter struggles through seven years (one book per year) of being tormented by his enemy "Draco Malfoy" at "Hogwarts." He is also constantly being chased after by his parents' murderer, "Vodlemort." (Imagination 36) Rowling struggled through a tough childhood. Her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was young and died 10 years later.Rowling married at an early age and had a child, however then got divorced and had to support her child by herself.

(J. K. Rowling 1965- VF) Rowling made up Harry Potter on a train ride from Manchester to London, England.

She then wrote her books in late night cafés, with her daughter asleep in a chair and drinking a cold cup of coffee.

Rowling was very poor, but that didn't stop her dream of being a writer. Even though Rowling used to be poor she wanted to bring joy into millions of children's lives around the world with her Harry Potter series of books. (J. K. Rowling 1965- VF)/(Imagination 37) She now has numerous websites about the Harry Potter craze and is on many TV shows. Harry Potter has even been made into a movie that kids love, and even adults like this amazing tale of Harry Potter, a young wizard boy, trying to cope in his school, "Hogwarts." (J. K. Rowling Biography) J. K. Rowling created many characters in her mind based on her own memories. "Hermione...

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