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Mission Impossible? Droving.

In a place in the north of new south wales are four young hopefuls, maybe heros. they are trying to save 2000 marino sheep. the four people on this epec mission are the one johnny hart the leader of the pack, kate hart johnny's relative she rides a horse and has a law degre, lal goodwin the cook, driver, and camp caretaker, and ralph kiddle a young talented boxer who just became part of johnny's team. The odds are against them but these four strong hearted people wont to keep going, they have set out to get these 2000 sheep to where its raining or they will have to be shot.

Some may call johnny and his team idiots waisting their time and not to bother, but some may call them hero's. many different events have occured along their journey so far there will be many more obsticals occuring along the way but they have overcome these bumps in the road with ease this hard trip may take its toll in the upcoming days.

The choice wether to join this team to travel all over new south wales may be hard being there would be no luxary, No TV, No showers for along time and limited resources and they dont get to see any of their family but last of all they dont get many breaks. Johnny hart would rather take 2000 sheep to find rain than shoot them to kill. Is this mission impossible? Ralph and lal are good friends before they joined johnny's team they worked in a travelling boxing shot but ralph was getting hurt so they decided to quit. they went to applie for a job with johnny hart. to find johnny it was not hard he was found sheering sheep somewhere in queensland.

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