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Izzy Willy "“ Nilly Izzy Willy Nilly is about a teenage girl, in high school, which was involved in a serious car accident that changed her life forever. She begins to realize that her friends are trying to avoid her. Friends and family feel pity for her and she doesn't want any one to feel sorry for her. She wants her life to return to the way it used to be, but she knows that it isn't going to go back to normal. Each day, normal tasks becomes difficult obstacles, but she makes a new friend that helps her with her problems and over come what other people say.

Isobel was a good student and was passing all her classes. She had many friends. Some of her friends were Lisa, Lauren, and Suzy. They always used to hang out, and talk about any subject, like seniors. One day while she was in school a senior named Marco Griggers asked her out to the football team's post-game.

At first she was confused on why a senior would ask her out to a senior party. She then accepted the offer, because she thought this was her chance to stand out more, if seniors see her at the party. She didn't like Marco, but she did like Tony Marcel, he was a senior too. She wanted to be asked out by Tony, instead of Marco.

When they got to the party Marco left Isobel, and she lost site of him. She was alone, but she was glad she had gone to the party. There was beer at the party, she didn't drink any, but Marco did. Soon it became late, and she began to look for Marco for a ride home. She found him sitting with his friends and chatting. She told him that it was time to leave, but he ignored her. Tony Marcel offered her a ride, but then Marco got up with anger and refused to let him take her. Tony backed down, and Marco toke Isobel in his car. As he was driving, Isobel began to fear Marco's driving ability. He was swerving from one lane to the other. Soon, Isobel was terrified because Marco lost control over the car. They crashed right into a tree. Isobel was hurt badly and Marco walked way with no major injuries.

Isobel woke up in the hospital and saw Dr. Carstairs examining her. Her told her and her parents that the leg has been severely hurt and there might be a risk of amputating the leg. He decided to wait and see if the leg recovers and if not they will amputate it. In a few days the Dr. Carstairs came in to check on Isobel. He decided to cut off the leg since it hasn't begun to heal. The nurses took her to the operating room, and started to work on her leg. When she woke up she didn't feel anything different, but knew that her leg was gone. She had only a leg and a half. They had amputated the leg, right below the knee.

She never really cared about her leg, until she finally looked at herself. She had to take counseling from Mrs. Hughes Pinke. Mrs. Hughes was pregnant and asked Isobel questions about her life and if she had thought about a career. Isobel wanted her to leave, so she just answered her questions so that she could leave. Her pediatrician, Dr. Epstein, came in to check on her once in a while. He noticed that Isobel wasn't eating. Isobel used the excuse that the hospital food is nasty.

Isobel felt like crying because she knew that her life was never going to be the same and that she was now a cripple. She called herself a cripple, and because of that she thought would want to be around her now. She never cried in front of her family or friends because in her opinion the Lingards are strong people, and they don't cry. She cried only at night when no one was around, she thought her mother would be ashamed if she saw her crying.

Officer Thom came in one day to ask Isobel about what happened on the night of the accident. Isobel responded saying that she doesn't remember. Suzy calls her to say that Marco is shook up about the accident, and is asking her if Isobel said anything to the cops. Isobel told her that she didn't say anything to the cops.

Isobel never expected Rosamnude Webber, a girl who is not popular and isn't attractive, to come and visit her. She was talking about Isobel's friends and was saying that they are stupid, and they are feeling pity for her. She said the Suzy was acting like a jerk. Isobel than broke out and said that she was just jealous of all her friends. Rosamnude then got up and left. Isobel's mother came in after Rosamnude left. She said that she saw a girl crying by the elevator. Isobel then felt sorry for her. Rosamnude then called to say that she was sorry.

Isobel tried calling her friends but no one would be home. She tried calling Suzy but her mother said they went to visit her. Isobel then realized that her friends are trying to avoid her. Suzy than calls and says that they were going to her house another time. Isobel knew that Suzy's mother forces her to call Isobel and knew that Suzy didn't want to call her.

A black woman came in and began to message Isobel. The woman was quiet and didn't say a thing. Isobel felt uncomfortable and tried to tell her to stop. The woman then stopped after a while. The next time she came in, Isobel asked her if doing that was necessary, the woman responded saying that it keeps the muscles strong and not weak.

Rosamnude brought her mother in to meet Isobel. Isobel welcomed her. Mrs. Webber worked at an arts and crafts store that Isobel's mom used to shop at. She brought in a knitting kit for Isobel to work on. She then left with Rosamnude.

Dr. Epstein came in and said that Isobel might be able to leave next week. With that said, Isobel felt so excited to go home. The week went on, to her it was like an eternity. The day finally came for her to go home. Her mother came to pick her up, she helped Isobel get in the wheelchair then she took her to the lobby. Her father waited for them to get to the lobby, then they left.

When Isobel got home she realized that the house as changed. Her mothers' room was changed into her room they had redecorated the house. Rosamnude came to her house the next day to help her with her homework. She stayed for a while, and then the twins came. The twins were Joel and Jack they were both in college. Earlier in the story, Rosamnude had insulted Jack. They then met and decided to play a board game. They were playing boys against girls. Jack and Joel won the game. Rosamnude then left. They soon could talk about anything, and Rosamnude came on a regular basis to help Isobel with the homework she missed.

Lisa and Suzy came to Isobels house to visit her. Suzy was wearing a jacket that had the schools football mascot on it. Isobel tried to ask her, who's it was. Suzy hesitated and said that a boy gave it to her. Isobel became suspicious and just ignored her. Rosamnude came in later on in the day, and then Isobel asked her if Suzy was going out with Marco. Rosamnude hesitated as well, and said that she was. She then said that Suzy felt sorry for him, and that's why she went out with him. Rosamnude then mentioned that Marco had never called to apologize for what had happened to her. Isobel thought that Marco didn't want to lose his image of being a tough guy, so that's why he didn't apologize.

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