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Aleksandr Shulga LAS 100-Final1-Russo November 5, 2001 Italian Films Before I have taken this course, I haven't seen much nor knew much about Italian movies. I seen a lot of movies with Italian actors in them, but that's a lot different from actually watching Italian movies. I personally took this course for a personal enjoyment, which I enjoyed a whole lot. First after watching the first movie, I was a little dissapointed because the movie was really slow moving and extremely boring. But as the weeks went by, each movie we watched was better and more interesting then the one prior. From what I saw, Italian movies are very funny and don't have as much violence as present day Hollywood movies. Hollywood movies are all about violence, and explosions. Italian movies are more relaxing, funny, and easy to follow. We have watched around five movies in class, and each movie was different from the one prior.

We have got to see many different sides of Italian film. We saw romantic movies, movies with violence, adventure movies, and comedy movies. I have personaly enjoyed the comedy movies with Roberto Benninni. I think he is a very good and extremely funny actor. He gets my attention very quickly till the very end. I personally enjoy the comedy movie more than any other kind of movie, maybe that is why he got my attention so quickly. After seeing what Italian movies are like, I realize that there is a whole different world and perspective to the movies. But unfortunatly Hollywood is a lot bigger then anyone can imagine. That's why other great film producers don't get nearly enough respect and publicity. Eventhough I extremely didn't like the first movie we saw as a class, I have certainly enjoyed the rest.

"Swept Away" was one of the films that I have enjoyed a whole lot. This film was written in mid 1970's by Linda Wertnuller. The movie resembles its title. The movies is about two people: Raffaella, who is a very wealthy women from upper class Italy, and Gennarino, who is a very poor man from a lower class Italy. Raffaella is not only wealthy but extremely attractive. This movie is about them being swept away deep into the sea and getting stranded on the islanded by themselves. The movie clearly illustrates how two very different people who would never fall in love under regular circumstances, can fall in love once the circumstances are changed. It shows that love has no boundaries. Raffaella, a wealthy woman that she is expects everthing to be perfect and thinks that she is invincible. Gennarino on the other hand eventhough violent, is extremely hard working man who is very wise and knows how to survive. Raffaella takes over Gennarino's heart while they are stranded on the island, but eventhough she has feeling for him, when they return she realizes that she is much higher class then he will ever be and leaves him heartbroken. Gennarino is left lonely and heartbroken because, he left his wife just to be with Raffaella, but ended up without anyone. A lot of Italian films are based on romance between the upper and lower classes.

The other films that I have enjoyed the most were the last two with Roberto Benninni. I can't recall what they were called, but I certainly remember what they were about. All his movies are extremely funny, and entertaining. In both movies he is a good guy who gets in trouble for being himself. But there's always a beautifull girl to save him. In the first movie he exidentaly met a women through a car exident and fell in love. But he was so blinded by her beauty that he didn't realize that he was just being used. His name was Johnny in the movie. He looked just like one of the city's biggest criminals who was wanted dead by many people of the city. So she decided to get Johnny killed because she was really married to the criminal, to blind people so that everyone would think that the bad guy is dead. There was something she didn't realize for a while, she was slowly folling in love with Johnny. Maninwhile Johnny thinks all along that she like him, and he is absessed about her. Johnny comes very close to being shot few times but he always seems to find the way out. The funny thing is that he thinks that he is being shot at because he stole a bannana. Towards the end she finally realizes that she loves Johnny more than she does her criminal husband. She gets her criminal husband killed, after not being able to take any more how he mistreats her. The second movie has pretty much the same plot. People get a wrong ideal about everything he does and think that he is a murderer when he is innocent. The police sent an undercover female to find out more information and get evidence to convict him. She realizes that he is incapable of a murder and they fall in love. She helps arrest the real criminal and saves him.

Most of Italian films are based on either Romoance or Comedy. Most Romance films illustrate the difference between the upper and lower classes. Unlike hollywood most of Italian films are peaceful, funny, and full of love and happiness. This class was a very good and fun experience for me.

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