Israel: A Rightful Possession Of The Jews

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Israel: A Rightful Possession of the Jews POLICE SUSPECT ANOTHER LYNCH Maryk Gavrielov, 25, of Moshav Bnei Ayish near Ashod, has been identified as the victim of what was apparently another Arab lynch. Of an Israeli lost in a Palestinian area. The police strongly suspect that Gavrielov, who set out from his home on Friday, lost his way and mistakenly entered the Ramallah area, or was brought there by force, where he was brutally killed for Palestinian anti-Israeli motives. They have not totally ruled out other motives, however. The mutilated, bullet-riddled, and burnt body was found yesterday morning near Ramallah. Police forensic investigators could identify the body only with the help of dental records. A police spokesman said that "the fact that he had been shot and burned strengthen suspicions that the murder was nationalistically motivated." The Palestinian Authority denies that the crime was of terrorist nature. (Fendel).

Unfortunately, incidents such as this are not uncommon in Israel, especially in recent months, when violence over the land has escalated drastically.

Palestinians are attempting to "reclaim" land that they never owned to begin with by slaughtering innocent Israeli citizens who are residing on the land that is rightfully theirs.

Israel is legally a sovereign nation and has been one for more than 50 years. In 1947, Great Britain handed over control of Palestine to the United Nations. Zionists had lobbied for the land for decades and the death of over six million Jews in the Holocaust left the world feeling guilty for its apathy towards the Jews. By that time, the UN was willing to grant the Jews territory and did so in a partition plan that divided Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab sections. Still, the Arabs weren't satisfied with the plan and in 1948, attacked Jewish settlements. This incited the Arab-Israeli War, in which five Arab countries invaded Palestine in an attempt to win the Israeli territory. Though the Jews were greatly outnumbered, they won the war and through their victory, gained control of territory allotted to the Arabs in the UN partition plan.

When land is won through a war, the land becomes a legal possession of the victor. After the British surrendered in the American Revolution, they withdrew their troops and sailed home. They didn't come back years later carrying allegations that the United States was actually their land and they deserved to have it returned to them. So, why should the Arabs be any different? They lost land in a series of wars in which they were the aggressors. Now that land belongs the winner of those wars, the Israelis, and there is nothing they can do about it.

After the Arab-Israeli War, Israel was recognized as an independent state by the United States and the Soviet Union, and soon after, by the UN itself. Whatever arguments the Palestinians may have had up to that point concerning who owned the land were negated by the UN's recognition of Israel.

The Jews have a country, which like any other country, is governed by laws that its citizens and residents must obey. However, the Palestinians have continued launching terrorist attacks and demanding control over Israeli land. The number of lives lost on both sides of the conflict has been far too great to allow this to persist any further. If the Palestinians, who are residents of Israel, refuse to recognize the nation that they live in and continue to resort to violence, they should be evicted from the land and forced to migrate to one of the other 22 Arab countries in the Middle East. Present Palestinian methods of protest like blowing up buses and lynching civilians in no way follows Israeli laws.

While Arabs stone soldiers and burn houses, they accuse Israelis of resorting to barbaric methods to keep the peace. An aggressive attack on Jews is fine for them, but when the Jews retaliate, suddenly the Arabs believe they can call themselves innocent victims. However, no amount of Palestinian aggression will change the fact that the land of Israel legally belongs to the Jews. The Jews will not allow themselves to be bullied out of their land. If it comes down to war, then they will fight. They have won before and they will win again because nothing will change the truth.

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