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the color purple written by Alica Walker, is about the life of Celie, an uneducated black woman growing up in South. She must overcomesexual abuse, racism, and poverty to aquire self worth and establish herself as an independent person. The novel also follows the maturation of her sister, Nettieand the lives of Shug, Albert(Mr.____) and much of his extended family through Celie's narrative letters to God.

The story is introduced with the rape of Celie by a man she thiks, is her father, Alfonso,resulting in the birth of two children. Once her mothers dies, Alfonso marries her off to a man she calls"Mr." Celie's life with Mr. is miserable because she must raise his children and is regularly beaten.

Celie's life begins to improve when her sister Nettie comes to live with her, but soon has to leave to obied by the rules of Mr.. Nettie then decides to go on a mission trip to Africawith Reverend Samuel and his wife Corrine, who are the adoptive parents of Celie's two children.

While back at the home of Mr., his eldest son Harpo has gotten a girl , Sophia, pregnantand they marry. They have dominance issues and beat eachother so Sophia decides to leaveto live with her sister. When Sophia goes to town she encounters the Mayor and Mrs. Millie, who asks her to be their nanny. Sophia refuses, the Mayor slaps her, Sophia hits him back and ends up in jail signifying another injustice os the book, political injustice.

Shug, the mistress os Mr., becomes ill; Mr. brings her home and Celie has to take care of her. Celie admires Shug and they develop a friendship that progresses into a sexual relationship. Shug and Celie share a strong bond that brings laughter and purpose into Celie's life. They later discover hidden letters from Nettiethat tell of the hardships she has faced in Africa; and of Adam (Celie's son) and his love for an Olinkan Woman Tashi. This enrages Celie so she leaves with Shug for Tenneessee. After the death of her dtep father, Alfonso, she inherits her house and returns home. Around the same time Nettie reyurns home from Africa and Celie gets to see her children all grown up. Nettie and Celie embrace with a feeling of triumph. Through all of the injustices, sexual, as well as physical abuse Celie perserveres and after reconciling with Mr. is able to start a new life.

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