Interviews with 2 people about the Vietnam War.

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Mr. Clements is a retired Mechanic from Oakland County, MI. He now resides in Novi, MI. He's a very opinionated man who always speaks his mind. He was in his early twenties when the war began. Mr Clements said that people would refuse to listen to his opinions because of his age, He also says "Although I was still young, my mind was older and wiser then most." "Pure stupidity, I tell you, there was no point in us entering the war, please tell me what it accomplished." He definitely thought it was wrong for us to enter. He said he remembers the reaction of citizens finding out that they were being lied to about the progression of the war. Mr. Clements said "Hah! See I told you I was smarter, I knew this was a bad idea, its sad that others refused to admit I was right."

His parents were very supportive of the war, they believed the United States had to take a stand, and of course Mr. Clements thought it was just flat out pointless. "I felt like a scum bag. I was very sad, not for anyone else but for the people of South Vietnam, I wish I could have saved them from the pain of the war, but I couldnt." That's what he said about the fell of South Vietnam. Based on this interview I've concluded that Mr. Clements is a Dove.

Marry Wills lives in Farmington Hills, MI. She's in her late 50's and works as a wedding planner. When the war ended she was in her mid 20's. "It was a crucial time in my life, I was growing older and understanding more as well as becoming a women." Mrs Wills felt very confused about the war, she sometimes thought it...

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