Injustices On American Children: Lack Of Equality And Funds Allocated By The Local, State, And Federal Governments

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In the continuously changing society of today's world, the existence of discrimination based on age, gender, race, or prosperity is a constant. Over the years the government and its courts have tried to develop laws and amendments to end these forms of discrimination. One issue of public opinion is that of the discrimination that occurs within the public school systems involving the cyclical patterns of discrimination based on wealth and race. Jonathan Kozol's book, Savage Inequalities, describes the struggle of children in unprivileged inner city schools and their battle with the public school system. The less wealthy, inner city students do not receive adequate schooling compares to that of the wealthier, suburban students due to their dependence on aid from the local governments, the segregation that results from this factor, and the lack of resources allocated to the schools.

Public schools rely on local governments for their source of money and materials.

Schools receive the majority of their funds from property taxes (O'Conner 139). In the inner city schools, most of the time parents do not have enough money to raise additional funds to improve the condition of the schools their children are attending as do the parents of higher class suburban schools. Without money received from these taxes, very little additional money would be allocated to the inner city school systems. Kozol expresses his feelings of this inequality in the system that is the basis for funding public schools by saying, "The richer districts- those in which the property lots and houses are highly valued "" have more revenue, derived from taxing land and homes, to fund their public schools"� (Kozol 121). In effect, the less wealthy have little to no chance at achieving more governmental aid because the funds raised depend on property value. Therefore, the poor...

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