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Arrow Furniture is a perfect example of a successful import business. Located at the intersection of Sheppard and Arrow Rd, I was able to interview Mr. Jeff Michaels over the telephone, the manager of that participating Arrow Furniture store. Since Arrow Furniture opened its doors on 1969, they have been committed to making each customer's home look its best.

Arrow Furniture features mattresses, dining rooms, bedrooms, pictures, and lamps from England and elegant designs from Italy. Their buyers also bring in a variety of goods from China, India, the Philippines, and Indonesia, at reasonable prices. Arrow Furniture maintains its own delivery trucks, staffed with expert drivers. To provide delivery services to customers. They make regular deliveries across the Ontario regions.

In order for any business to be successful, you must make sure that before you import anything to Canada, make sure it is admissible. The other steps that Arrow Furniture follows to successfully import their goods are: figuring the cost to import the goods to Canada, account for the goods and paying the duties and taxes, marking of the goods, the tariff classification/value for duty/origin of the imported goods and getting a National Customs Ruling before importing.

Are the goods admissible to Canada: Before you import anything to Canada, make sure it is admissible. The cost to import goods into Canada: There are three different costs that go along with importing. First, there is the purchase cost-what you pay for the goods in their country of origin, converted to Canadian dollars. Second, there are duties, which are taxes that may be associated with importing. Third, there are the costs of other services, such as transportation, brokerage and insurance. Accounting for the goods and paying the duties and taxes: In most cases, you will need to fill out the Canada Customs...

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