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Introduction New Age Technologies1 (NAT) builds next generation communications networks including communications systems, products, technologies and customer support in a highly competitive and global market. For NAT, diversity in all areas of its operations is not only a reflection of values and corporate responsibility; it is recognized as an integral part of NAT's business environment that creates competitive advantage.

NAT's success in leveraging diversity will be directly related to the extent to which this diversity becomes effectively communicated and put into practice - with observable changes in behavior, environment, customer satisfaction and market impact.

Successfully leveraging diversity is linked to how well NAT communicate diversity both as a business imperative and a partnership with intrinsic value to the employee. Acceptance of this "value equation" is critical in implementing diversity initiatives throughout NAT.

Effective human communication is a task requiring a delicate mix of both skill and intuition.

It is less an unidirectional, linear process and more an interactive partnership and exchange between one or more people requiring clarity and rapport.

To make the challenge a bit more complex - we faced an amalgam of nationalities, ethnicities, cultural values, work environments and unique communication styles. Communicating diversity proved be a more daunting task, given both the complexity of the topic and the variety of interpretations attached to the word around the globe.

Thus a simple survey was conducted on a number of key organization managers to evaluate the degree of their readiness to manage diversity in today's global environment.

Survey's Questionnaire Disagree strongly Disagree slightly Neither agree nor disagree Agree slightly Agree strongly There are people who can assist in developing new markets because of particular language skills or cultural backgrounds. The advice and suggestion of all levels of the organization should be drawn upon...

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