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Ignorant world Journal 5 Pages 150-180 If you value thinking, ideas, emotions, passions, beliefs, and individualism, then you're going to hate the world described in the "book Brave New World". If you value conformity, socialism, stability, and happiness, then the world described is the perfect place for you. "Everyone is happy now" is repeated throughout the book as one of the conditioning statements. Most of the people in the book could not be any happier. Sure they are ignorant, but they don't know how life should be.

In the society described in the book, the people have no emotions and expressions. They are like walking robots. Because their lives are so dull, the people turn to meaningless sex to try to add meaning to their lives. It is the only way, in addition to drugs and alcohol that they can find to feel something, anything at all in a world that has been designed to be comfortable.

They become addicted to the things that allow them to feel anything in a life that has been designed so that they don't really feel anything at all.

In such world, there is no identity because everyone belongs to everyone else. I'm sure there are plenty of people in the world today who would find this society a wonderful and perfect place. I think that there is no point of living in such world. I know I wouldn't be able to live without a goal, or something to build my life upon. Maybe I am not happy as the people described in the book, but at least my life is interesting, I can enjoy it, and I have my own opinion.

People living in this type of community are just like the one described in the song "nowhere man" by the Beatles. In this song the chorus is " he's a real nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans, for nobody". This song basically describes a man living in a world with no worries, no plans, no views, and no opinions. To the man, the world seems normal, because he doesn't know anything else.

There are some good things about being a "nowhere man", and living in a world that he lives in. This kind of world is peaceful with no worries. No one complains because no one knows better. What the people in such are, is what they were positioned to be, and they are proud of it. They don't understand or know, that they could be better. Also, there is no competition between people, since no one want to improve.

I have noticed that true happiness is ignorance. That is why the majority of the people are happy. They do not know what they are missing. People don't want to open their eyes to reality and see what is going on around them. The cause of this in some cases is the ignorance of everyone else around them. If you are in a community or people that only see the good things in their eyes, you don't want to ruin everyone's good time, so you follow their way of living. Sooner or later, ignorant people will see reality, and cry for what they have missed all their life.

Communities that try to be perfect but actually have the most problems. We shouldn't walk around and think that everything is good, and that we have no worries. If everyone would be all happy, this world would be a boring place to live in. What we should do is open our eyes, and be individuals. We should go after our own thoughts, and not other people's. I hope that the world today will never reach the situation where people walk around like robots, and follow what they have been told to do.

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