Hurricane Andrew

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The Effects of Hurricane AndrewHurricane Andrew drastically changed the lives of the people who lived in the Miami area of South Florida. Nothing had seemed strange or different until the morning of August 18th, 1992, when a tropical storm was detected off the coast of Africa.

Nobody in South Florida was concerned; the hurricane was too far away to pose any threat. Yet as the storm began to form and move closer to it's future prey along the United State's east coast, people began to worry. No one could have imagined the death and destruction that this storm was going to leave in it's path on that fateful day of August 24th, 1992.

The aftermath that was left behind was a pitiful sight. Scenes of the ruin flashed on televisions across the nation as we all tried to comprehend the incident that seemed as if it were a nightmare from hell.

Instances where people had lost everything from their homes to members of their families were reported; each new case seemed more and more surreal.

The cost of building products skyrocketed. Gas prices escalated beyond belief.

Commodities that had been taken for granted, such as food and water, became valuable and very much needed resources for the victims in South Florida. Lines reaching for what seemed like miles formed for simple items such as toothbrushes, soap, and other personal products. In the distance, the low hum of generators could be heard over the loud clamor of hammers and chainsaws as volunteers desperately attempted to rebuild the city.

As reality began to settle in among the thousands of individuals affected by the storm, there were certainly varying emotions. Those who chose an optimistic point of view slowly began to put their lives back in order by joining together with the other victims in an effort to bring life back to the barren city of Miami.

Overall, the estimated damage caused by Hurricane Andrew was over 25 billion dollars. What was more important, however, were the lives that were lost due to the unrelenting force of the storm. Faithful bonds between the victims and their rescuers created a love that could never be broken, no matter how big the storm.

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