"Humor" Is it realy useful?

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We believe that humor helps us to overcome a lot of difficulties in our life. Humor decorates life and makes it richer and more colorful. Laughter can cure, but it can hurt as well, and even destroy a person. Do you like to laugh?

The sense of humor protects us on not too successful days, without it, the man that is looking at things hard nosedly, does not risk speaking about himself. Humor gives the person the hope in tomorrow and gives him the reason to live to the next day.

The most great writers wrote many and many stories , books and plays in a comic way not only to laugh but they introduced their ideas and concepts in a funny way so that every one can accept them, just like Shakespeare, the wonderful writer who wrote in all types of writing, romantic, dramatic, tragedies and also in humor like "A Mid Summer Night's Dream" in which the fairy queen and king fought over a little boy which made the king to put a spell on a farmer and changed him into a donkey and made the queen fall in love with that creature.

And also "the taming of the shrew" and the comic situations between Katharine and her husband Petruchio and how he succeeded in turning Katharine from a shrew into a gentle lady and beloved wife.

But as just I said before, humor can hurt and even destroy a person. We can not spend all our life laughing but there must be moments of seriousty. We can't keep laughing all the time unless the people will think of us a careless person. We might loss many things like our jobs, friends and life if we didn't stop laughing at serious moments.

At the end I...

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