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The painting that caught my attention the most, from Chapter one, was God the Father. The main reason this painting caught my eye, was because of the vibrant colors. The vibrant colors in this picture are due to the painters choice of using oil paint. When taking a closer look at the painting one realizes that there is more detail than at first glance. The halo effect from the gold scripture in the background gives a calm and peaceful feeling. This effect is reinforced by the tranquil look in his eyes. The lines coming from his crown and behind his head give the impression that he is descending from a ray of light. On the otherhand, the sharp edges of the lines coming from his crown imply that he is untouchable and God like. The red and gold colors used in the picture represent royalty and power.

Gold is often associated with wealth and red associated with power.

The gems in his crown give a more feminine and softer feel to the picture. The combination of the gold and red colors along with the many gems give the impression of a wealthy powerful man with a softer side to him. There are a lot of circular angles throughout the picture, which represent an unbreakable cycle. The halo effect behind him demonstrates how life begins on one side of him and ends on the other, thus demonstrating that God is in the center of life and life revolves around him.

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