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The actions of people and reactions of People on controlled environments! The research taken in the couple of weeks I had to do this paper, were very interesting. I learned more than I thought I would. Surprisingly, I used my good friends as ginipigs. My friends over these few weeks reacted in ways I never thought they would. Maybe they act this way all the time I just did not pay attention all that much.

I started out by researching a controlled phone environment. I made a phone call to my girlfriend. I started a conversation and when she responded I didn't say a word until she asked me what the hell was going on, on my side of the line. She assumed I was watching a T.V. program. I told her what I was doing and she wasn't upset anymore. I guess some people like reactions from the person they are talking to.

More so on the phone because there is no eye contact. People are more comfortable with reactions.

Moving on, I drove down to the bar district on homecoming night Saturday. The affects of alcohol are outrageous, Women get sexual while men get either physical or honey. The affects of alcohol on a persons mind really makes people almost insanely idiotic but fun to watch.

I was fortunate to get the opportunity to go to a concert. The combination of music and drugs changes a crowds view of what is really going on in the world outside if the walls of the concert. People get incredibly passionate about views on politics with the influence of music and drugs but also in a way of not really caring.

I found my research was very widespread and my views probably cover almost half of influences on people. My...

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