House Of The Spirits

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In the House of the spirits, three characters are having a conversation. they encountered several barriers, the first are being culture and age, when Esteban said that he is fifteen years older and a simple country man. cultural attitudes can cause interference because people's ways of seeing things differ from the ways of others in a different cultural group and can affect the recption fo a message. Age differences can cause people to see things in a different light. another barrier was gesture, where CXlara asks if he wants to marry her and has "an ironic gleam in her hazel eyes." This is a barrier because gestures can have different meanings in different cultures, and individuals may not fit a common pattern. Clara's mother caused a technical interference when she interruped them. Although I felt that Clara and Esteban were able to communicate effectively, there were saregfuards that could have led to less communication barriers.

for example, Esteban could have talked to Clara when she was alone, therfore diminishing the chances of being interrupted. Esteban could not have avoided age and cultural barriers, since he cuold not change the fact that he is older and he is a "simple country man."

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