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Have you ever felt isolated, because of the way you look? The novel the House on Mango Street is about a young girl growing up in a Hispanic section of Chicago. Sandra Cisneros' book The House on Mango Street has numerous themes, but I chose to write about the one I felt was most eminent, feeling of alienation of people of different gender and culture. Many harms can arrive from feeling unwanted, as shown throughout the entire book. The book doesn't utilize chapters, instead it use vignettes which are short poetic stories used to give the person who reads a more virtual connection with the text. The book is written mostly in English, but has some Spanish words to give you a vivid depiction of her culture and upbringing. The author uses an astonishing amount of figurative language to make it seem like you are inside the pages.

The setting of the book provides you a sense of where Esperanza came from and the obstacles she has to deal with in life.

The book take place on Mango Street on a neighborhood mostly populated by Mexican. Esperanza and her family live in a small red house. It has rusty pipes and windows covered with plywood with crack bricks trough the outside wall of the house. Their house represents their low financial status. Most of the story takes place around Esperanza's neighborhood. Most of the houses have broken down car in their yard, kid running without shoes and drunk men on every corner. Esperanza is expose to all this poverty with hopes that one day she can get out of the entrapment of poverty.

The characters play a very important part in defining the theme of the novel. The main character, Esperanza, is a young Chicana who is trying to...

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