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Honoring someone, being honored, just having respect for yourself and for other people controls your mind, and your mind controls you. The word honor is added to many nouns to make them superior, to make them proper, for example, honor roll, a list of students achieving academics with nothing below a B. To be honored, you must first honor yourself because you need to succeed to be rewarded. If you respect others, most likely they will respect you.

To honor yourself is to have faith and achieve what you're capable of.

Having faith in yourself brings upon honor, because you are rewarded when you try. Students are not picked out of a hat when receiving honor roll, they have to earn it. Receiving honor is a reward for doing your best, for succeeding.

Earning respect for yourself can make you a leader, and leaders are the ones who have futures, not regrets on the past.

To honor others, you need to make sure you have self respect. If you do not respect yourself, how do you know what it is like to respect someone else? You don't. That's why it is important to treat others how you want to be treated.

Honoring other people sometimes can result to jealousy because not everyone is honored, but if you keep your head up, try your hardest, you will get honored also. Honor is not always resulted in rewards and you are not always aware of when your being honored. Students are honored everyday just got doing their homework, just because your not aware of the respect others have for you, doesn't mean they do not take it into consideration.

There's a world of honor in everything we do. In school, work, and even at home, groups of people and...

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