“Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense” The phrase written above,

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"Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense" The phrase written above, known as the title, is an old motto of St. George's Order of the Garter in England. It means -evil be to him who evil thinks-. My personal opinion on this topic is the following: If you perform or commit something wrong or evil, evil will eventually come back to you in some coincidental means. In English this means that if you do something bad, something bad is probably going to happen to you. To really understand this, you need to watch the movie, "Final Destination". It's really a pretty good movie…but back on the topic.

Tenorio Trementina is a malicious saloon-keeper and barber in El Puerto. He is what you would call a bad man who does terrible things to his three daughters. He challenges them with a crude cross made of two sticks. In relation, the three daughters cast a deadly curse on him.

That is just the first part. One day Ultima, an elderly cuandera, confronts Tenorio in his saloon. Tenorio then vows to get revenge against Ultima for sullying his family's reputation with public accusations of witchcraft. After Ultima lifts the curse on Lucas Luna, with the help of Antonio, one of Tenorio's daughters dies, and he tells everyone that Ultima cursed her. Now this is really where it all starts. After this happens, Tenorio gathers a lynch mob, and Narcisco saves Ultima, so now Tenirio is upset with Narcisco. Next, the priest of El Puerto refuses to give Tenorio's daughter a funeral mass, so Tenorio is not able to bury her on hallowed ground. Furious at the shame brought to his family, Tenorio continues to plot Ultima's death, which we all know that murder is one of the most evil things you can do. While doing so, another one of his daughters falls ill, and to everyone that will listen, he declared Ultima the reason or cause of the deaths of his two daughters. Now raged that Narcisco is trying to protect Ultima, Tenorio gets his revenge. He kills Narcisco while he is on his way to warn Ultima about his evil plot. He finally realizes that the way to kill Ultima is by killing her owl, which is her spirit. When he tries to kill Antonio because earlier he had helped Ultima lift the curse on Lucas, Pedro Luna kills him.

So you see my point. Tenorio planned to kill Ultima, and one of his daughters died. He killed Narcisco since he tried to protect Ultima, and another daughter dies. Finally, he tried to kill the Antonio Luna because he helped Ultima lift the curse on Lucas, he is killed. Tenorio tried to hurt or kill many people, which is doing evil, and evil came back to him in different ways every time. So try not to do or commit something evil or it will come back to you.

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