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HONESTY When I think of someone's reputation, I usually first think of his or her honesty and how trustworthy they are. If someone tells another person they can trust him or her, then they mean that the person is someone who tells the truth, keeps their word, and does whatever they say they are going to do. When I decide whether or not I want to be a friend to someone I judge them on how trustworthy there are.

Honesty is a good characteristic of anyone's reputation, and one that should be valued very much. Honesty is usually a good reputation's greatest possession, as well as its greatest armor for staying good. Whatever other good traits someone possesses, they do not help the reputation without being honest. Someone may be smart, friendly, hardworking, and determined, but all those qualities are wasted by lying. It is important to be honest because if someone is honest I can always trust what they say and rely on them.

If someone is not truthful then it is difficult to trust them and rely on them. Honesty is important like in the story of the boy who cried wolf. He cried wolf many times when there actually was no wolf and the villagers began to take all his cries as jokes. Then one day when a wolf had actually come and the boy cried wolf none believed him. I try to be honest because I want people to be able to trust me and rely on me. I know that no one tells the truth all the time and when someone does lie they have to continuously lie to keep up the first lie. When I do lie I have to live with a conscience that is filled with thoughts. When I don't lie...

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