History Of The Microscope

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The Microscope is a strange and yet a cool object, it let's us get an up close look at the worlds tiniest objects and organisms. Its comes in many different shapes and forms. Its power lies all in different lenses, smaller but more powerful versions of a magnifying glass. A microscope is a small machine but with many wonders.

FOUNDING FATHERS OF THE MICROSCOPE Hans and Zacharias Janssen (-1590, Dutch Eyeglass Makers, Inventors): The Janssen's are known to be one of the founding fathers of the microscope. This father and son duo created the first compound microscope, which was really a tube with lenses at each end. The magnifications of these early scopes were from 3times to 9 times. Even though credit for the glass usually goes to Zacharias he created the first microscope, though his father Hans took over the production because Zach was at a young age at the time.

Robert Hooke (1635-1703, English Chemist, Mathematician, Physicist, and Inventor): Robert Hooke improved the Janssen's early compound microscopes around 1660. In 1665 he used his microscope to describe plant tissues. In 1667 he discovered the role of oxygenation in the respiratory system. Hooke was also a good engineer as he was a chemist. He also improved the Gregorian telescope an advanced version of the compound microscope.

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723, Wine Assayer, Surveyor, ClothMerchant, Minor public official): Anton van Leeuwenhoek was known to be a man with a whole bunch of talents. His best talent was his creativity and he was also a good observer. Anton was a ordinary man like me or you, he wasnt rich so he had to work for what he got. He made simple microscopes which had only one lens. Even though he wasn't the first person to make microscopes and his microscopes werent...

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