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Being in the group was not much of an experience or benefit. The idea of spreading the work load between members of a group sounded wonderful when spoken, but it is always said than done. I assume that the group no matter how big or for how long only depends on the relation with the members of the group. The relation I received from being in a group is that there blacks who work and there are blacks that do nothing. The relation between being in the "Since1865" as a pose to "to 1865" it is hard to swallow the harsh reality blacks had to endure. The thought that the we at one time or another were 'property' among whites is horrifying. The black experience is hard enough to embrace, care for, and appreciate. Modern men are afraid of the past.

Just as Walter Lippmann explains it, "History is a record of human achievement, but its other face is human defeat."

I believe we as a people tend to take our history for granted and misuse the advantages we have to day inspired by our history.

The history usually taught about events before 1865 is that there was slavery then the Declaration of Independence, the Missouri Compromise and then the Civil War. It has never been taught, in my years attending an African American school, the way I've learned this semester. It just seems that we as people will never have the same connection African Americans had back then. In my community back home I was taught that "Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community." (-Anthony J. D'Angelo) It seems that we may be in a selfish mentality against each one another.

The further our history is, the less of a connection, understanding, and respect...

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