History and Today’s Effects of Title IX

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In the 1970's, when female athletic opportunities were limited to cheerleading and intramurals, a federal legislative policy was enacted. It stated, No person on the basis of sex should be derived participation in or the benefits of any educational program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. Because Title IX is largely based on sexual discrimination, should it be re-evaluated on the basis of decreasing male athletic opportunities. Title IX has helped women make momentous steps towards equality (of men and women being gained) in the class room as well as athletic competition . Thirty years later, women that were being educated in much larger numbers in the 70's, are making headway towards higher paid executive positions (Mosely). Now, at the high school level you'll find several more opportunities for girls. Only 1 in 27 high school girls played any other sport at all, compared to every 1 in 2 boys (Mosely).

Even though women have progressed well throughout the years, men have been held back only marginally.

Title IX has allowed women the opportunities for higher education and the chance for not only academic scholarships, but also athletic scholarships. But title IX has lessened the opportunities for men to achieve in education and athletics. In many cases men's sports team have had to be dropped because their schools did not comply with Title IX. According to Myron Siegel, a board of trustees member at Northern Illinois University, stated " a wrestling team at another state university had been dropped because of the necessity to comply with and arbitrary formula that says men and women always want the same thing. You can not legislate feelings and interests (Temkin). Many men are losing opportunities for athletic scholarships because teams are being eliminated or capped off due to Title IX.


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