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Section 1 1a) Germany and the United States 1b) While focusing on imperialistic principals Britain used its resources for colonizing far off nations and not for trade.

2a) Imperialism provided a base for a larger market economy in the world.

2b) With the increasing need for raw materials due to industrialization this pushed countries to colonize.

2c) National pride drove many to colonize lands so that they could flaunt them.

3a) Countries that joined the competition for colonies included Germany, France, Portugal and Spain.

3b) As industrialized nations strived for more and more land fierce competition began to arise.

4) Being a group industrialized nations having great national pride their attitude towards the people of newfound colonies was one of their superiority.

5a) Missionaries served to give the colonizing countries religion to the people of the country being colonized 5b) Newspapers sought out stories of adventure and excitement for the readers.

Therefore they told the stories of explorers in a more "exciting" way which encouraged those who sought adventure to go out and colonize.

6a) technology, civilization 6b) slavery 6c) Captives indicates that they are prisoners.

Section 2 1a) The scramble for land began with the exploration of central Africa.

1b) The European leaders met in Berlin to assure that fighting would not break out amongst the colonizing nations of Europe.

1c) An understanding was made that if one wanted to colonize all one had to do was to send troops to a strategic point.

2) Alarmed by Belgium's claim to the Congo the French moved rapidly to colonize all of North Africa.

4a) Being an African he managed to hold off the French for more than six years by being self-sufficient and building a weapons factory.

4b) Instead of fighting, Britain made 500 separate treats to satisfy the...

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