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On August 6, 1945, the United States dropped the most fatal bomb in history. It killed thousands of people in Japan, most of them innocent citizens not in any way involved with the global conflict. Many people have different views on whether the dropping of the A-bomb was necessary. Did it really end World War II? Was this Second World War ending soon anyway? Even 57 years later, people still argue to whether the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a way to get revenge for Pearl Harbor, or were truly needed to end the world wide destruction caused by war. Personally, I believe that these bombs were needed to end World War II. But necessity and morality are two separate issues.

World War II brought great devastation all over the world. It was a horrific period in time, just as all war is. Before anything further could happen in the United States, and the world, something had to be done.

The dropping of the atomic bomb thankfully ended World War II. Without the bomb, even more US and Japanese lives could have been lost. Some argue that the war would have ended soon anyways because of Japan's desire for peace with the US. This, although true, had no basis because Japan was still run by militarists whom had a willingness to fight to their deaths.

Obviously, I believe that the dropping of the atomic bomb was necessary, but as previously stated; necessity and morality aren't the same. Do I think that the bomb was moral? Thousands of innocent civilians were killed because of the A-bomb. There are countless stories of those who survived the bomb, those of doctors, housewives, businessmen, and so many more. There are also countless stories of the innocent who didn't survive. Men, women and children who were all innocent from the current world affairs had to die in order for the war to end. To me, the morality of this idea is wrong. Yet, it was what was needed in order to end this war all over the world.

I won't argue with the necessity of the A-bomb. It ended World War II at a time where it needed to be ended, and in the end saved more lives than it took. But as to the idea of morality? The bomb was not moral in my views. Everyone has a different idea of what morality is, and what is right and what is wrong. It all is based on how one is raised. My idea of morality is different from yours and yours is different than my uncle's in Pennsylvania. If we all based our morals on the same thing, the world would be at peace and war wouldn't be an issue.

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