High School Vs. College

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HIGH SCHOOL VS. COLLEGE I noticed right away that attending college is not like going to high school. For one thing, actual time spent in class is different. Study time and tests aren't the same either. Another difference is in how you interact with the teachers and how you earn your grades. And perhaps most important is the difference in how your time is managed. Even though college and high school are different, adapting to these differences may be one way to make the transition less difficult. During high school, you spend six hours a day, five days a week in classes. In college, it's more like twelve hours per week spread out over two or three days. Your high school classes were pretty much already chosen for you. But, in college, you get to choose as long as the classes are available and they fit your schedule. You can decide which class you want to take based on what time you want to be there and what time you want to leave.

The amount of time spent studying and the way you study is different too. In high school, you have homework in every class almost every night. In college, there isn't as much homework, but you have to spend more time studying for tests; and what homework there is usually requires more time to complete than the worksheets and questions at the ends of the chapters you get assigned in high school. And of course, your mom doesn't keep asking you when you're in college if you have homework or if it's done yet like when you were in high school. High school classes usually have a quiz at the end of each chapter and a test at the end of each unit. College classes don't have as...

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