"Heroism" Are you a hero???

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Do you think that you must say everything you think about? And do you think that is considered courage from you? Do you think that action is considered heroism?

Of course I agree that all our actions and behaviors are at first thoughts and ideas and every thing in the beginning was an idea.

And of course saying what you think about and expressing your opinion about all subjects around you are considered heroism.

But not all your thoughts are right and not all your thoughts you must say and express because it might be wrong and these thoughts and words may hurt someone and drive you to some problems you're not in need of it.

Just as in the tragedic play written by Shakespeare "kink Lear" that shows the effects of bad thoughts and judgments. When he thought that love is measured by words that are said and made unjustified decisions by dividing his kingdom among his daughters who pretended to love their father just to get what they wanted while the youngest girl who really loved his father didn't get anything except punishment.

And that all is out of his bad thoughts and decisions.

I'm not saying that we must not say what we are thinking about and stop expressing our thoughts, ideas and opinions. Of course no because expressing what you feel and think connect you with others and builds in you an argumentative character. But you must take care what you think and say and as they said be careful what you wish for I'm saying "Be careful what you think and say".

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