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Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Alabama with her mother and father. She was a very healthy child and had a wonderful personality; she could do what most other children could do at such a young age. In 1882, at age 2, Helen suffered from a horrible fever which left her without her sight and hearing. Her parents didn't know what was going to happen, and neither did she.

Helen's physical scares caused her to be blocked off from the world around her. It wasn't so easy for her parents to deal with. Her parents didn't know how to handle or care for Helen. From age 2 to age 9, Helen was very ignorant. Her parents didn't have any knowledge. Their communication was barely there.

Life for Helen was very Strange. She was very alone in her own world that she knew nothing of at the time.

She was frustrated at times, but she wasn't the kind of person that would give up. She touched and smelled everything that walked by or that she reached out to . She was always holding on to her mother wherever she went, copying what other people would do with their hand by movement that they made while she held it and tried to understand and imagine. It was the only way that she could understand.

When Helen was 5 years old She started to realize that her place in life was becoming more and more difficult everyday. She didn't understand that her parents used their lips to communicate and not their hands. She would kick things and scream in frustration.

By the time Helen was 6 years old, she invented 60 different signs that she made by touching and smelling everything that she came across. She had no one around like herself and no teacher. Her parents didn't understand her and she didn't understand her parents. Her frustration grew very fast.

Helen wanted everything to come fast. She didn't like waiting around for something she asked for. She was very impatient. Nothing was getting done and her parents needed to do something about it.

On Helen's seventh birthday, her parents hired a teacher for her by the name of Anne Sullivan. Anne also had a hard life. She was raised in poverty and was also blind at age five. She was able to join a school for the blind in Boston when her family broke up.

Helen needed Anne to help her get through her troubles. Anne tried very hard to teach Helen what certain things were by spelling the word in her palm. It took a lot of practice to memorize what was what. Over the course of time Helen was understanding so much. She wasn't as impatient and frustrated like before.

Anne was her Miracle Worker. Helen was taught so many things in her life by Anne who was her support throughout her life. She stood by her side.

I really think that Helen's knowledge would've never been accomplished if it wasn't for Anne's patience and thoughtfulness . I feel that it means a lot to many other people around the world no matter if they have a disability or not. I personally look up to her as a great women of America, she was taught her knowledge a totally different way that I can't even explain, Her courage is what makes a perfect example of patience.

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