Has The U.S. Gone Mad??

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Once upon a time their was this guy named president George Bush. One night he engaged in sexual intercourse with his wife and nine months later out popped little george, little george dubya to be exact.

As a kid dubya was interested in his father's endevours but as he aged this interest became less and less. His love of drugs, booze, and prostitutes did skyrocket however. Dubya snorted enough cocaine to feed the Columbian Rebel Army ten times over. But this didn't stop him from being successful. No it sure did not. You see dubya got into politics just like his daddy. By rigging an election little coke snorting, hickboy dubya became the most important man in the world.

Only months after he took office a terrible tradgedy occured and he slaughdered those that caused it as well as a few innocent people along the way.

included in those killed would be four innocent Canadian soldiers out training.

Yes, one of them brilliant fighter pilots decided that it would be a good idea to drop a bomb on the Canadians for some reason. But did the government mention this to any americans? No they didn't. They can't look like they are out of control in the middle east. No way. If it weren't for their allies the entire world would be blown to chunks. The americans have killed more of their allies than the "enemy" has. So who is their allies enemy anyway? In conclusion the U.S. of A. has gone insane. Yes that is right the cocaine has gone straight to America's brain.

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