Hamlets Conflict Is Internal

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Hamlets conflict is internal Although hamlet promises the ghost of is father that he will avenge his death , his conflict is mainly against himself rather than against Claudius . This is shown in act 2 of the novel .Hamlet is contemplating suicide within himself , when he says that he would rather end his life than live the one he has .This is because of the many doubts he has and everything that is unfolding within his family, like the uncle killing the king marrying his mother(but he doesn¡¯t because he fears what might happen because God made suicide a sin). After the dialogue with the ghost , Hamlet questioned the appearances of things around him. He was worried that the ghost was a demonic spirit that was trying to tempt him to murder his uncle. He was afraid of death in that it caused him to weigh heavily the consequences of his actions against his fears about life.

Claudius at that time had taken over the throne, and if Hamlet listened to the ghost and went ahead to murder the king it would have been regicide, which was a sin before God¡¯s eyes. So Hamlet used antic disposition as away to make sure that his uncle was really guilty before he exacted his revenge.

Hamlet also uses madness as a cover while he tries to buy time and ascertain his uncle¡¯s true guilt. His madness gave him an excuse to ask probing questions and it let others talk freely in front of him because they thought he was to crazy to understand. So the king and the queen are deceived by his madness because he is only mad at times and at other times completely sane, he declares this when he says ¡±am but mad north-north-west:...

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