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ACT I 1) Hamlet is upset about his mother's recent marriage, so soon after his father's death. His mother 's new marriage is low class. Hamlet wants to go back to school in Wittenburg, but his mother wants him to stay Hamlet does not seem to like his stepfather that much. Claudius wants him to stay to please his new wife, and because if they start to look like a family then it is good for his image Horatio is going to tell Hamlet about the ghost. Hamlet is humble and friendly like Horatio (Horatio says "my lord, and your poor servant". Hamlet says "Sir, my good friend, I'll change that name with you". Indicates that Hamlet is calling Horatio his friend, and saying that he'll be his servant. Shows that Hamlet respects servant. Hamlet says to Horatio "I know you are no truant" (shows that Horatio is responsible, trustworthy, reliable, etc.)

"I am too much in the sun" pun: he is happy, and perhaps he is upset because now he has to be a 'son' to a new father.

2) Hamlet and Ophilia are married. Laertes is warning his sister Ophelia to beware of Hamlet, "Fear it, Ophelia, fear it, my dear sister". He thinks that because Hamlet is a prince that he will hurt Ophelia, doesn't truly love her, or if he does love her, will not love her always. Polonius then orders Ophelia to end her relationship with Hamlet 3) We find out that Claudius killed King Hamlet (we thought that he died form snakebite in the orchard). We find out that Claudius seduced Hamlet's wife before he murdered him. Claudius poured poison (hebenon) into King Hamlet's ear, so blood went thick; he broke out into scales on his skin, this poison works quickly The Ghost's...

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