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Author's hardest part to write 10pts I think the author's hardest part to write in the story Hamlet was the whole ending scene pretty much. It takes a lot of thought and time to write such a good ending to a also perfect plot. The best scene and hardest to write I think would be the fighting scene/towards the end. I like these scenes because of their detail and thought. By thought I mean the way everything was planned out. It all seemed like what would really happen back in those days. Just thinking about it makes it seem pretty real in the way the characters act and how they are reacting to everything. It was a hard scene because you have to create all the characters movements and actions to seem that they are real. Sometimes some authors cant do that and Shakespeare did a great job with this in this play I would have done the same thing Hamlet would have done and not taken a drink from the king's proffered goblet.

I would not take any chances with any of that, I would bring my own stuff with me. Although I find it sad that Hamlet dies in the end I think it was the best ending for this story. It gives a more of a interesting finish to the play. It was also hard because he had to figure out a way to make it so justice was served in the end without having something like the authorities getting him or having the culprit run away. With this ending it gives you a full feeling at the end of the book.

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