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It is true that Shakespeare wrote many amazing stories, Hamlet, is highly regarded to be his greatest contribution to the literary world. In this novel, two characters are intertwined in fate?s cruel strings and thrown into a spiral that eventually lead to their deaths. These characters are Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, and Laertes, son of Polonius, a wealthy noble and son to an advisor to the king. These characters have several traits alike as well as several different traits. Similar traits such as: both losing a father due to unnatural and sudden deaths, both being young and royalty, and both going a little mad in the process. These similarities however are coupled with differences such as the way their fathers died and why they died, and the way they went about getting revenge on their murderers.

One of the most notable similarities of the two men is the fact that both of their fathers didn?t just die, they were killed.

This is the sole reason the book played out as it did. That drive for revenge threw both Hamlet and Laertes into murderous plots that eventually got them killed in the process. Hamlet was trying to get the will to kill his ex-uncle and now step father Claudius. Whereas Laertes is trying to kill Hamlet who slew Laertes while in the grip of a maddening conversation with his mother.

Another semblance that ties Hamlet and Laertes together is the fact that they are both absurdly wealthy Danish royalty. Hamlet is the prince of Denmark and Laertes is the son of Polonius, who is a chief advisor to the king and therefore being fairly influential as well as rich. This wealth however gave them both the luxury of not having to do anything like work to occupy...

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