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Hale In act one of the story, Miller introduces Hale as a seemingly knowledgeable person on the subject of witchery. In the begging of the story, it seems as if Hale is brought there just to settle the accusations of witchery in the town. When Hale first arrives, he is portrayed as a smart, upper class man who was the leading authority on witchery. Not long after he entered the town he started questioning the whole community in hopes of finding witchery. It was almost as if he wanted to find some trace of witchery so badly that he falsely accused some people.

During the trials Hale was observing everything that was going on. Little by little his eyes became open to the truth. He realized that the whole witch ordeal was really nothing. Hale saw how Abigail and all the other girls were just big liars.

Hale's conscience slowly began to bother him. Eventually, he decided to try and help the court see how Abigail and the other girls were lying, in hopes of getting those he had wrongly accused out of trouble. It was no use.

Because of the changes Hale goes through from the beginning of the story to the end, hale should be classified as a dynamic character. In the begging of the story he was confident about his accusations. By the middle of the story Hale was begging to question his judgment. Before the end of the story, Hale realized how he had wronged so many people. He was one of the few that saw through the lies of Abigail and the other girls. After realizing he was wrong, Hale changed views. In the end of the story you can see how Hale had switched from the witch accusing reverend to a man who only wanted to do right by the people he had wrongly accused. This change is what makes Hale a dynamic character in "The Crucible".

I feel as though, Hale should go to hell for causing the death of innocent people. Even though Hale may have changed by the end of the story, it doesn't fix the lives of the people he had already falsely accused of witchery. Though he realized how wrong he was he still didn't do much of anything to help the people he had harmed. Why should anyone sympathize with Hale? If I were alive back then, I would call Hale a witch just to see him hanged.

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