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Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular fitness means, of or pertaining to or involving the heart and blood vessels. Cardiovascular fitness is important because you need it to stay healthy and to keep in shape. Exercise and regular activity is necessary to achieve desirable fitness levels at all ages. In order to increase cardiovascular fitness, the body must be challenged past the minimum training intensity.

The concept of the cardiovascular system has four basic principals mode, intensity, duration, and frequency. Mode is the type of exercise. Duration is how long the activity is performed for. Intensity is how vigorous an aerobic is. And Frequency is how often the activity is performed.

Resting heart rate is important to tell how healthy you are. To find your resting heart rate you must first take your pulse, by putting two fingers on your wrist, for ten second then you times that number by six. For an accurate resting heart rate you should take your pulse as soon as you wake up in the morning after eight hours of sleep.

My resting heart rate was 72.

Target heart rate is a simple method that is used to monitor aerobic exercise intensity. Target heart rate training zone is an estimate of where the heart rate should be to ensure aerobic training. In order to find your target heart rate you must first find your max heart rate. To find your max heart rate you subtract your age from 220. Then you can find your heart rate reserve by subtracting your max heart rate from your resting heart rate. After all that you can find your target heart rate by adding your heart rate reserve (intensity %) and your resting heart rate. Intensity percentages range on experiences and frequency of an individuals cardiovascular activity. My target heart...

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