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The History of American Football American football, sometimes called "controlled violence", fosters a battle of warriors from two teams that despite their battered, bruised, and bloody bodies throw themselves about in every way to gain victory. The game incorporates gracefulness, artistry, strategy, and violence, all of which traces the game's roots from ancient Greece to modern day America in a style that brings out peculiar characteristics between those who play, coach, and officiate the game and those who watch and cheer the game to glory.

Football, traditionally an outdoor game is played by two teams with a ball that has taken on various shapes but usually an inflated bladder or rubber bag in a leather or rubber cover, spherical or ellipsoidal. The object of the game is to score points by carrying the ball across a goal line of opponents, or by kicking the ball through of over the uprights of the goal of the opponents.

The types of football that are generally played today are known as American football, futbol or soccer, Canadian football, Australian football, Gaelic football and rugby. (Football, 2000) Football is a game of antiquity, known to many cultures in their own eccentric way. The ancient Greeks played a form of football known as harpaston. (Leckie, 1965) This game had virtually no limitations, especially in the number of players. The object was to move a ball across a goal line by kicking it, throwing it, or running with it. Without limitations meant that many ferocious maneuvers took place, particularly in the way that they tackled opposing players. This would often result in injury, and even death. (Encarta 2000) The ancient Romans also played a game similar game called harpastum, with similar rules and tactics. Later in medieval times a form of football known as calcio evolved...

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