The Great Gatsby Is No Great

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The Great gatsby by: Scott Fitzgerald is a depiction of the life and times of the zeitgeist. Fitzgerald calls Gatsby great because either 1)he is desceased, or 2) because he was a great man that did not recieve the gratitude of the people that he served so loyaly. In my personal opionion Gatsby, deceased or not does not deserve to be called great, for he is no great man at all. He is a liar, an insecure prick, and worst of all, a coward. We are left at the end of the book undetermined who the killer of is. We all know that Gatsby knows who it is, and only an honest and noble man /woman would confy his deepest darkest secrets, especially if it infringes upon others emotions. He holds back his feelings for Daisy from her husband Tom and waits until he is enclosed in a hotel room with the whole group to confy.

On his way home from the hotel room, he hits Tom's mistress with the yellow car and tries to hide it from the public. When husband finds out he goes to Gatsby's house and murders him in cold blood. Almost nobody attends Gatsby's funeral and it is a sad, sad moment for the deceased man who temporarily made himself happy through the happiness of others.

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